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[plain]blake-borcich-pic“Stripping away all the elements of the craft of filmmaking – which I consider ‘frosting’ – one should scrutinize and mature the core crux of the drama – the story – absolutely before anything else. My passion as a visual storyteller stems from building upon only exemplary writing blueprints. Without a great story, you’ve got absolutely nothing.” – Blake Borcich.


LaRoda Films is constantly seeking fresh and innovative material and offers an open door to writers who believe their work best fits the style and flavour of Blake Borcich and his creative network.

LaRoda Films accepts unsolicited scripts, screenplays, and short stories of any length, to be considered for development in close collaboration with the author.

In order to make the best use of time and resources, it is requested that submissions be accompanied by a One-Page Synopsis or Treatment. The online upload service allows for easy submission of written works.

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      (a) LaRoda Films receive many ideas, scripts and projects for consideration or assessment and it is possible that some of the ideas, scripts and projects already under consideration or submitted after the date of this application may be similar or identical to some or all of the project submissions ; and
      (b) The Applicant will not hold LaRoda Films liable in any way for the use of ideas of a general or generic nature contained in the submission (including, without limitation, any idea, theme, situation, geographic area and/or period in history).
    3. All rights in the submission remain the property of the Applicant. LaRoda Films may copy the submission for assessment, however, will not otherwise copy or distribute the submission without the prior consent of the Applicant. However, the Applicant agrees that details about their project and their name and address may be held by LaRoda Films to assist with tracking for future correspondence.
    4. All decisions concerning applications and assessments of project submissions are at the absolute discretion of LaRoda Films and no further correspondence may be entered into with Applicants.


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