Profiling Blake Borcich

Blake first discovered his love for filmmaking when he was 9 years old. Across his formative years, he established himself as one of Australia’s most active and celebrated young Producer-Directors, spearheading thirty-odd productions and receiving many more awards internationally.

Curating the milieu outside the frame always remained inextricable from Blake’s efforts to weave the minutiae within the frame. Such deep-rooted empathy and prescience Blake now breathes through the many practical processes behind an artistic work in progress, which prove always to be efficient, energizing and enjoyable for all involved. Be they creative visionaries or any participating production personnel, Blake’s passion lies in fastidiously scaffolding the talents of others.

Further reflecting this breadth of touchpoints are Blake’s professional appointments, which range from production running on independent feature films and agency commercials, to production coordinating for network television – with the occasional appearance within those works themselves!

Blake is passionate about inspiring others to develop their production skills, and has mentored adult learners at a tertiary level – having eschewed two scholarship offers to study Film & TV formally himself. He has contributed to local film festivals as a panellist, presenter and judge, and been featured in Australian Directors’ Guild and Metro Magazine publications.

In 2013, he also produced a feature documentary entitled ‘Breaking Down Resistance’, which charted his filmmaking journey so far. This documentary has been used as a learning resource in over 50 universities and schools around the world.

He currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

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