Breaking Down Resistance


blake-portrait1My name is Blake Borcich and I am 18 years of age. I was introduced to the moving image by my parents at a very early age and I now suffer from cinephilia – of which I am most grateful.

I have been fortunate enough to receive many awards early on in my career. Nothing brings me greater joy or satisfaction than seeing my hard work and creativity being appreciated by an audience. The awards are just a bonus.

As a year 12 media student in 2012, I developed and produced a high concept film which I called “Resistance”.

I could never have imagined how well this was to be received and the opportunities that would follow.

I feel it is important to offer the knowledge I gained – as well as the skills and expertise of the creative collaborators involved in the production – to students of media, digital media, photography, film & TV and art, at various skill levels…and frankly anybody interested in making a film.

That is why I’ve spent several months passionately producing Breaking Down Resistance – a resource that will inform and inspire ALL budding filmmakers as well as teachers. THIS is what is possible.




“Breaking Down Resistance” is a three-part documentary, offering a comprehensive analytical view of every aspect of this short film production  – from the fine tuning of dialogue in a script through set decoration choices to the application of lighting techniques, lens capacity, the actor/director relationship and post-production software preferences.

With an engaging visual style and format, this highly educational documentary provides a wealth of practical information essential to the needs of all prospective short film producers.

The Breaking Down Resistance DVD consists of Resistance the film (9 mins), Part 1 (Pre-production – 37 mins), Part 2 (Production – 44 mins), Part 3 (Post-production – 35 mins) & The music of Resistance (the original Resistance score – 8 mins).

Resistance – THE FILM

In 2010, an idea for a film called “The Bunker” was conceived. In 2012, this film became “Resistance”, the story of three people who unwillingly find themselves trapped in a French wine cellar during a German bombardment in 1943. It is a short tale of cat and mouse survival, in harrowing circumstances, whereby both the protagonists and the antagonist are equally at risk.

The production ultimately involved 28 technical crew and 3 cast members. It had initially been just a creative idea but it became something much more.

Resistance has garnered a host of international screenings and national awards including 3 BUFTA’s (Best Director, Best Drama & Best Overall Film).




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